Uses Lambda to collect CloudFront Logs from S3 and pushes them to thte elastic Search Service.
aws lambda elasticsearch logs


Dockerised version of awscli and aws-shell, images are built using latest alpine base to make this a lightweight tool kit to run aws tools. (auto build latest)
aws cli shell docker


One thing that strikes me as odd with Amazon and the documentation on AWS is that there is no download all button, to make it easy to get all the documentation in one go. After creating a simple bash script that kept breaking and needed updating, I decided to rewrite in python to make it a little easier to maintain. You can download Documentation and/or WhitePapers. The script is now pported to Python3 (finally)! I hope some of you find this useful.
aws documentation


Produces a report of all S3 buckets in your account and prints out a table to easily identify which buckets have open ACL's for read and write permissions.
s3 aws

s3redirect - URL Shortener

A complete rewrite of a cli tool to become a fully fledge serverless and databaseless application that allows users to create a tiny URL by creating 'Web Site Redirects' using Amazon S3, Lambda and Cloudfront. You can use the service hosted on for free or host your own. Please consider donating to the project to help support me planting trees for climate change!
s3 aws