Restrict Ec2 Metadata to Root

October 9, 2018
Security is job zero, learn how to lock down access to the EC2 meta data service on hosts that have multiple users.

CI/CD Pipeline for Hugo in AWS

October 2, 2018
A quick guide to using AWS Codebuild to automatically deploy your website generated by hugo when you commit code to git.

Yubikey and AWS IAM

October 1, 2018
As a massive fan (I was a kickstarter for the company) of the yubikey when AWS announced you can use the key as MFA for the AWS console I was very excited. Here is a write up of how to enable it.

Efficient and Secure Containers

September 27, 2018
A builders lab session write up with some ideas for securing your container workloads.

Practical Fargate

June 10, 2018
A builder lab session from my AWS talks that shows how to use fargate to deploy a really simple application, whilst highlighting the inbuilt service discovery elements of ECS/Fargate.