Folding in the cloud

March 27, 2020
Supporting COVID19 research with containers

Folding in the cloud (or at home)

The folding at home project has recently stepped up its distributed grid computing efforts to help research into COVID19. With this in mind I wanted to make it super easy for anyone with a cloud account or docker installed locally to be able to run the Folding at Home client. This is why I built the docker container for this and with the help of colleagues past and present @iamtomellis of AWS and @eranchetz of DoiT International we have managed to make the deployments super easy.

Currently you can use CDK to deploy to ECS/Fargate and there are instructions to use SPOT also to reduce your costs. There are also Kubernetes files to run on EKS or GKE (we’ll have GKE instructions soon). Best of all we now have GPU support so you can really ramp up the processing power using those NVIDIA cards.

The docker image also runs locally for CPU usage and if you have access to a NVIDIA card and can test locally, we’d love your feedback.

If you do use the project please consider using our team ID of 240110 and let the containers team know you are with us. You can find the source and the docker images here:

Stay safe, and stay at home!

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